GoPro Remote for Pebble Time Round and Pebble Time

GoPro Remote for Pebble Time

We recently found a really cool application worth checking out for anyone that owns a GoPro and a Pebble Time Round. GoPro has an official app for the Pebble Time, but nothing compatible with the Pebble Time Round.  New to the Pebble App Store, GoPro Remote is a must-have if you haven’t already dropped $80 on their official smart remote. After testing it out for a few days, here are our thoughts on the app.

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Powernoter – A Better Evernote Experience for Pebble Time

Powernoter for Pebble Time

Organization is essential to a busy life. If you’re familiar with the popular note taking service from Evernote, you know they’ve got organization figured out. Unfortunately, their watch app leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re an Evernote fan like me, we’ve found a great Evernote client to check out called Powernoter.

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Pebble Update 4.0 – Our Thoughts After 10 Days

Pebble Update 4.0

Recently, Pebble released firmware version 4.0 for the Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round with some very cool features on board. After updating, we spent the last few days checking out all the changes made to Pebble’s software and we thought we’d share some of our favorite updates and changes with you.

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Happiness App – The Pebble Mood Tracker

The latest app developed by Pebble is called the Happiness app. It’s a nifty app that runs for one week (or more if you choose) that tracks several mood indicators throughout your day and presents you with a summation of the data at the end of the week.

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