Must Have Apps to Get Started With Your Pebble Time

So, you’ve finally received the gadget you’ve been waiting for so long – your Pebble Time! What now? Just a fraction of the apps on the Pebble Appstore have been optimized for the new devices which is why we want to point out a few early adopters.  Here are a few apps, that will let you experience the color screen and Timeline UI as they were intended.

You’re most likely aware that all apps that were developed for the original Pebble can also be installed on Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Their big disadvantage though is that they don’t make use of that colorful screen and aren’t integrated into Timeline UI. While you might have a few favorite apps that haven’t been updated to support those features yet, you’ll probably want to grab a few of those great options on the Pebble Appstore that actually do.

 Starter Must Have Apps:

Music Boss (control your music and podcasts) Must have apps for Pebble Time - Music Boss

Pebble Time’s new firmware does a pretty decent job at supporting most music apps on Android, but there might still be some issues with a few select apps. Enter Music Buss to give you total control over all your music and podcast apps! You’ll be able to adjust the media volume (also while streaming to Chromecast), all the info and progress of your current track will be displayed and it shows you album art. If you want to really dive in, you can customize it and control it with Tasker! Music Boss requires a companion app on your Android phone that currently costs $ 1.99.


News Headlines (know what’s going on)Must have apps for Pebble Time - News Headlines

In case you haven’t found this app in Pebble’s own recommendations, News Headlines allows to read the biggest news on the go right from your wrist. The covered categories include Headlines, World, UK, Politics, Science & Environment, Health, Education, Entertainment & Arts. You’ll be able to customize which categories are displayed, the number of stories and font size.


ESPN (keep an eye on your favorite teams)Must have apps for Pebble Time - ESPN

For the sports fans out there! You’ll be able to follow live score from your favorite sports teams of most popular sports. The app features a great timeline integration, so you won’t even have to open the app to stay updated! Just open up a certain type of sports game and you’ll be able to add specific teams to your timeline.


Television (don’t miss your favorite shows!)Must have apps for Pebble Time - Television

Are you as big of a fan of TV shows as we are? Television will show you the day, time and title of the next Game of Thrones episode…right in your timeline! Don’t like GoT? No biggie, you can configure your favorite shows on the Pebble application and select which ones you’d like integrated in your timeline. Might also be interesting to people who can’t actually watch the shows when they air in the U.S. – like us. We still want to know when an episode is broadcast or the new season is released, so we can watch it as soon as it is available in our area.


TripAdvisor (know where to eat and sleep)Must have apps for Pebble Time - TripAdvisor

The most popular platform for hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews is also available for your Pebble Time! Based on your location, it’ll show you all the locations you need to know about. Press the select button, and it’ll give you further information, directly navigate you there or let read reviews from other users.



Morpheuz (track your sleep)Must have apps for Pebble Time - Morpheuz

Using the accelerometer of your Pebble Time, Morpheuz tracks your movements while you sleep and translates them into a graph showing deep sleep, light sleep and awake phases. It also shows a pin in the past on your timeline through which you can reach the Smart Alarm options. Furthermore, there’s a pin in the future on your timeline to select (automatic) bed times. The alarm uses the Pebble Time’s vibration motor and gently wakes you up with increasing vibration strength.


Travel (view upcoming travel information) Must have apps for Pebble Time - Travel

With Travel you can view all details of your upcoming trips, including flights, hotels, car rentals, restaurant reservations and even activities! You’ll be notified when flight times change and receive reminders for your various booking ahead of time. Just connect Travel with your TripIt account and you’ll have all that information automatically synced to your timeline, including weather info at your destination and the day’s summary. We’ve used TripIt in the past and always liked the easy way of conveniently having all flight info available at one glance on my Android widgets.


Timer+ (don’t let those eggs boil too long!)Must have apps for Pebble Time - Timer+

If you love soft boiled eggs as much as we do (probably a European thing) you’ll want to make sure they don’t stay in the boiling water for too long. Timer+ lets you set a countdown and also measure time without the hassle of having to get the phone out from your pocket. All functions like setting the countdown, increasing or shortening the time, are accessible right on your Pebble Time and the animations are pretty, too!


We hope you like this selection of what currently reflects a few of the must have apps for Pebble Time. As mentioned before, this list is likely to change from time to time since availability of apps optimized for Timeline UI is (hopefully) going to increase heavily in the near future.

Have more great suggestions? Let us know below in the comments or shoot us an e-mail to!

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