The Best Straps for Pebble Time Round (20mm)

There is certainly no shortage of options out there for customizing the watch band on your Pebble Time or Time Round. When we began this list we found over 28,000 results on Amazon alone (and that was just for the 20mm Pebble Time Round!). With that many options out there it can be a challenge to even know where to begin. This list will help you walk through some of the most popular options available for your Pebble Time Round.

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Review & Giveaway: GadgetWraps Straps for Pebble Time (Round)

Review GadgetWraps straps for Pebble

One of the most annoying things about customizing any of the Pebble watches is finding the perfect strap. I’ve owned different Pebble’s for a few years now and it seems like I can never find a watchband that checks all the right boxes. Usually they’re either too big or too small, they just aren’t the right color, or they lack those nifty quick-release pins that we’ve come to love with the Pebble Time and Time Round watches. Fortunately the guys over at GadgetWraps have you covered with their new line of silicone watchbands for all Pebble models. This is our review on their selection of watchbands available here on the GadgetWraps site. In case you missed it, we also recently reviewed the skins available from GadgetWraps here. It’s definitely worth checking out once you’re all done here.

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Smartstrap Ideas for Pebble Time

Pebble has done things differently right from the beginning when they launched the Classic model, with a beautiful e-ink display and a massive battery life of 7 days. This year they came up with major improvements like the color display, all new design, with the heart and soul of the classic version. One of the things that got me really interested was the introduction of smartstraps. What this means is that you can swap out your default strap with special ones which provide extra functionalities to your watch. So, here are few smartstraps ideas that I think would be really cool if it were to be made.

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TYLT VÜ Pulse: Wireless Charging and Heart Rate Monitor for Pebble Time

Tylt have recently launched their Kickstarter-campaign for their newest product, the Vü Pulse. The smartstrap is aiming to add wireless charging functionality and a heart rate monitor to your Pebble Time. The aim is a goal of $100.000 which, at the time we’re publishing this article, we’re less than $5.000 shy of with still 27 days to go!

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