Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core – Our Thoughts

Hey there Pebble fans! As you might have seen, Pebble made an announcement this morning regarding some changes to their current lineup. In true Pebble fashion – the announcement came by way of a new . Here are our thoughts about the new product announcements.

Pebble 2

It looks like the OG Pebble is getting quite the refresh. An integrated heart rate monitor is going to bring the Pebble up to par with some of the most popular fitness trackers on the market. Full integration of timeline software and a mic for voice replies (and of course the typical 7 day battery life) makes it an awesome package for the $99 price tag if you back through Kickstarter. We’re also excited about the color choices Pebble has given us. For users looking for a great fitness tracker this seems like a no-brainer. All the benefits of notifications and voice replies plus heart rate monitoring and Pebble Health – all for less than what a Fitbit Charge costs? We’re excited about what this is going to do for Pebble users as well as health & wearable tech.

Pebble 2 Colors
Photo by Pebble

Time 2

With the Time 2 it seems as though Pebble is going the same direction they did with the Pebble Time Round. Instead of offering a Time 2 and a Time 2 Steel, the Time 2 is the new premium stainless steel smartwatch (the 2 seems to be the only plastic option of the new lineup). The Time 2 is available in three finishes (black, gold or silver). Aside from the new heart rate monitor also featured in the Pebble 2, the Time 2 now offers a much larger display (53% larger to be exact).

Time 2 Colors
Photo by Pebble

For those that don’t own a Pebble Time currently, the new features and upgrades are definitely going to be appealing. For those of us that own a Pebble Time or a Pebble Time Steel (I’m sure that’s 99.9% of you reading), is any of this stuff really worth the upgrade? Well, the answer really depends. I currently own a Pebble Time Round and I decided right after watching the Kickstarter video that I’d be backing the Time 2. I like the longer battery and the water resistance of the Time, but I didn’t want to VigRx Plus get away from the premium look and feel that the Time Round offered. The larger screen (I always disliked the huge double bezel look of the Time) and the heart rate monitor were enough to convince me to pull the trigger. The price of the Time 2 also helped me to make my decision. If you’ve already got a Pebble Time then you might not be missing out on much unless you want to take your fitness tracking to the next level. But honestly: this is what the Pebble Time Steel should have looked like in the first place. Thanks, Pebble!

Pebble Core

Pebble Core
Photo by Pebble

Pebble also introduced a new standalone fitness tracker – Pebble Core. It might not look like much at first glance…but WOW! This is what many runners have probably been waiting for for a looooong time! It’s designed to allow users to leave their smartphone at home while working out.  The device connects to your 3G cellular network (you need a dedicated SIM, prepaid should do) and tracks workouts, streams Spotify playlists and can even send an SOS text in the event of an emergency.  It also syncs with many popular fitness apps like Runkeeper and Strava (all cyclists are going crazy right now!). if you don’t have a Spotifyf account, you can use the 4GB of built-in storage to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks during your workout. The Pebble Core allows for wired or wireless headphone listening via bluetooth. We’re super stoked about this device – if it’s executed well and Pebble can hold the promises that they are making about this one, they may have a real hit on their hands!

We have backed each of the devices so that we can check them out and let you guys know what our thoughts are as soon as we get them! What are your thoughts on the new updates to the Pebble lineup? Are you going to be upgrading or will this be your first Pebble?

3 thoughts on “Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core – Our Thoughts”

  1. As happy PTS owner I decided to upgrade and backed the Time2 with the Pebble core. Absolutely amazed about bigger display and core is really exciting from outdoor fitness tracking perspective.

  2. Would it be to much to ask that with the Core connected to the Pebble watch you can still receive your notifications from your cellphone at home via the 3G connection? I don’t know, but with the notifications being the main thing with the watch, that’s the first thing I though and I felt disappointed when it doesn’t mention that anywhere.


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