Hello Pebblers! In June 2015 we decided to create a blog focussing on everything for Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round – apps, watchfaces, straps and other accessories.

Why are we doing this? With this blog we want to accomplish two things: on the one hand there is our passion for gadgets. We love how technology makes our daily lives easier and more efficient. We want to share our hobby with the Pebble community out there and connect with likeminded people.

On the other hand, we would like to get more hands on practice with what we have learned at university. As students of Business IT and Electronic Business, we have heard a lot about all kinds of concepts about various business models in the internet and around how to generate traffic and make whatever you do popular and famous. Well, we want to use this blog to play around a little and see how we can really get people’s attention and make them visit our site – ideally more than once. Making a profit is absolutely not a primary object of this blog – at least not for now, you never know 😉

All entries on this blog merely reflect our own opinions and are by no means supposed to represent exhaustive lists. Some of you might not agree with what we have so say about certain apps or accessoiries – we apologize to those people, but objectivity is not the aim of this blog.

We always appreciate any tipps or hints that you have, be it great apps that we have missed out on or cool accessories!

If you want to help us we’re always grateful for people spreading the word and helping us to get a few more visitors to this blog. We hope you enjoy what we have to share with you.

If you’ve read this text through till the end we applaud you and already consider you a regular visitor 😉

Until next Time!

Marko & Max