Pebble 2 Review

Pebble 2 Review

If you’ve been keeping up with what they’re doing over at Pebble, it’s clear this time around that they are focused on closing the gap between fitness tracker and smartwatch. The health features have always seemed like an afterthought until the recent refresh of the Pebble lineup. We are taking a look at the newly refreshed Pebble 2 and all of its baked in health-y goodness.

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Pebble Update 4.0 – Our Thoughts After 10 Days

Pebble Update 4.0

Recently, Pebble released firmware version 4.0 for the Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round with some very cool features on board. After updating, we spent the last few days checking out all the changes made to Pebble’s software and we thought we’d share some of our favorite updates and changes with you.

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Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core – Our Thoughts


Hey there Pebble fans! As you might have seen, Pebble made an announcement this morning regarding some changes to their current lineup. In true Pebble fashion – the announcement came by way of a new . Here are our thoughts about the new product announcements.

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Control Your Phone with Pebble Time!

Dashboard on Pebble Time - Control your phone with Pebble TIme

Note: Works on Android only.

Have you ever been in a meeting and forgot to set your phone to silent and couldn’t really get it out of your pocket to do so? Dashboard allows you to toggle some controls on your phone without ever touching it!

The apps default settings include toggles for things like WiFi, mobile data, sync , screen lock, auto-brightness and Bluetooth. It also offers some other handy features like showing your battery percentage and carrier name along with the ability to lock your device, switch between sound profiles and ring your phone if you can’t find it anywhere.

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