GadgetWraps for the Pebble 2: Skins, Watchbands and Screen Protectors

GadgetWraps Pebble 2

With all of the recent news surrounding Pebble and its future, it’s important to remember that some of us will continue to rock a Pebble every day. If you’ve just picked up a Pebble 2, we’re going to cover everything you need to make it feel uniquely yours. If you’ve checked out the site before, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the folks over at GadgetWraps. They sent us their lineup of skins, watchbands and screen protectors for the Pebble 2 so that we could check them out. 

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Best Pebble Accessories

Pebble Accessories - Straps, Skins, Docking Station

Since Pebble launched the Pebble 2 a few weeks back we have seen a lot of traffic from new Pebble owners. We’ve spent a lot of time on this site looking at the best of what’s out there for Pebble watches, so we thought we’d bring it all together with a list of all the must-have Pebble accessories. This list doesn’t feature every accessory out there, but it definitely covers most of the bases. Let’s go!

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Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core – Our Thoughts


Hey there Pebble fans! As you might have seen, Pebble made an announcement this morning regarding some changes to their current lineup. In true Pebble fashion – the announcement came by way of a new . Here are our thoughts about the new product announcements.

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Smartstrap Ideas for Pebble Time

Pebble has done things differently right from the beginning when they launched the Classic model, with a beautiful e-ink display and a massive battery life of 7 days. This year they came up with major improvements like the color display, all new design, with the heart and soul of the classic version. One of the things that got me really interested was the introduction of smartstraps. What this means is that you can swap out your default strap with special ones which provide extra functionalities to your watch. So, here are few smartstraps ideas that I think would be really cool if it were to be made.

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