The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3

The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces – #3

New week, new Pebble 2 watchfaces! Check out some old ones that look really good on the Pebble 2, as well as some new ones that we haven’t featured before.


Although the Pebble 2 has a black & white display, many watchfaces look just as good as they cartier love necklace do on the Pebble Time. Square is a prime example. It shows the time and date at the center and this neat little bar that represents the battery status of your watch. If you want, you can also enable extra information like the temperature and the weather status.

Square - The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3
Watchface: Square | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Square – Pebble Appstore


The heart rate sensor is probably one of Pebble 2’s hottest features. That being said, there are many watchfaces that display your heart beat rate, like this one called Heartbeat. It’s a simple one, with the time at the top and your current heart beat rate at the bottom. And at the centre of it, there’s a sweet little heart that that beats every minute. With such a welcoming design, I wouldn’t want to not give it a try.

Heartbeat - The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3
Watchface: Heartbeat | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Heartbeat – Pebble Appstore

Metro Watch

Metro watch is one of my personal favorites. It’s simply shows the hour and minute count in huge fonts. There are no customization options available here, but to be honest, it looks good just the way it is. I wouldn’t want to change it.

Metro Watch - The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3
Watchface: Metro Watch | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Metro Watch – Pebble Appstore


Edge is one of many awesome watchfaces that Kiezel has developed. Like the name says, the minutes passed is represented by a thin line along the edge of the screen. A huge hour count sits at the center followed by optional information like weather, battery level and date which you can easily enable from the settings. Also, if you’re not a fan of the black background, there’s a simple toggle to invert the colors.

Edge - The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3
Watchface: Edge | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Edge – Pebble Appstore


TTMM watchfaces have always been known for their fantastic designs for the Pebble watches. DIGITTMM is one of them. There’s not much happening on the face except that the minute count rotates along the edge as each minute passes. It’s as minimal cartier just a nail bracelet replica
as it gets.
There isn’t any option to invert the colors of the background and the text but if you really want to, you can install the DIGITTMM TOO watchface which has just the opposite colors.

DIGITTMM - The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3
Watchfaces: DIGITTMM/TOO | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: DIGITTMM / DIGITTMM TOO – Pebble Appstore

Pixel Perfect

If you want to know just the time in a quick glance, Pixel Perfect may bake your cake. The watchface shows the time in huge numbers made up with tiny squares. Initially, the face is set up with a black background and white text but you can easily revert the colors from settings. It comes at a price of $0.99 but with a day of trial, you have enough time to decide whether you really want to purchase it or not.

Pixel Perfect - The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - #3
Watchface: Pixel Perfect | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Pixel Perfect – Pebble Appstore

Thanks for checking out this week’s watchface collection. It’s great to see how there are so many of them compatible with the Pebble 2. If you want to explore some more, be sure to check to check out our previous collections of watchfaces.

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