The best Pebble 2 watchfaces

The Best Pebble 2 Watchfaces – #4

We’re back again with another set of cool Pebble 2 watchfaces. From digital to analog wathfaces (and combinations of both), we have something for everyone.

Simple Analog Digital

Simple Analog Digital cartier just a nail bracelet replica
is a hybrid of analog and digital formats. It shows the hour on the dotted orbit and the minute count sits at the center of it. The customizations available are all about changing the colors of the elements. So for the Pebble 2, there’s not much you can do except flipping the colors from black to white and vice versa. It didn’t really matter to me because even when I was on my Pebble Time, I used the same black & white combo.

The best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - Simply Analog
Watchface: Simply Analog | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Simple Analog Digital – Pebble Appstore

Blue Futuristic

We’ve seen this watchface cartier love bracelet here and there before and we have to say, it’s one of the best minimal watchface out there for the Pebble watches. It shows the time in big bold letters with the date clearly mentioned below it. Unlike the one shown in the picture below, you may be wanting to use just the opposite colors. There is an option to switch it(i.e black and white), but for some reason, we weren’t able to do that on the Pebble 2. We hope the developers fix this soon.

The best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - Blue Futuristic
Watchface: Blue Futuristic | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Blue Futuristic – Pebble Appstore


This one’s got an interesting concept to it. The white bar with the time slides downward as the minutes of an hour pass by. It goes back to the top when the next hour starts. This helps you give a quick sense of the time, without necessarily having to fully read it. While there is pretty much no customization available for this watchface, the clever concept definitely makes up for it.

The best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - LIFT
Watchface: LIFT | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: LIFT – Pebble Appstore


Disarray consists of an array of black and white pixels. The time is displayed in black while the background is filled with whites. What makes the watchface lively is the animation after every minute. Moreover, you can change the type of animation and even the shape cartier love bracelet of the cells.

The best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - Disarray
Watchface: Disarray | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Downlaod: Disarray – Pebble Appstore

Analog B

This is probably the simplest analog watchface I’ve ever tried out. It’s got a circle with an hour and a minute hand inside of it. In case you didn’t notice, the watchface kind of looks like the clock on the Pebble app icon.

The best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - Analog B
Watchface: Analog B | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Download: Analog B – Pebble Appstore


This one is just the opposite of Simply Analog Digital that we mentioned above. EXDIGITTMM shows the hour and the centre and the minute count at the edge of the screen that rotates as time passes by. It allows you to swap the colors of the background and the text and even has the option to enable the seconds. This comes with a cost of $0.99 and we believe its well worth it.

The best Pebble 2 Watchfaces - EXDIGITTMM
Watchface: EXDIGITTMM | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

Downlaod: EXDIGITTMM – Pebble Appstore

Thanks for checking out our favorite watchfaces. We really like using these on our watch and we hope you’ll like them too. Let us know if you have any of your favorites that you’d want us to check out.

The skins on the Pebble 2 are from our friends over at GadgetWraps – stay tuned for our full review of GadgetWraps skins and straps for Pebble 2!

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