Best Pebble Time watchfaces #7

The Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel #7

Another week, another set of our favorite Pebble watchfaces for the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Below you can find a mix of watchfaces that are simple & minimalistic, analog and some with a ton of information.

BCD minimalist

I remember having a real binary watch back in the days and this one is something like an hommage to these watches. The watchface offers to show the time in the BCD (binary coded decimal) or true binary format. Besides that it offers many configurable options like changing the color of the dots or the background, setting different styles for the bits, displaying the date, displaying help for reading the dots and many alerts like bluetooth connection loss or low battery status.

Pebble Time Watchface BCDminimalist
BCDminimalist | Photo by Marko Frankovic

Download: BCD minimalist – Pebble Appstore


The Mineclock Pebble watchface is just a simple watchface with a Minecraft look. There are no settings available. In the upper half of the watchface the sun and moon rise and fall according to the time.

Pebble Time Watchface Mineclock
Mineclock | Photo by Marko Frankovic

Download: Mineclock – Pebble Appstore

Modern New

There are many versions of the Modern New watchface in the Appstore. I picked this one because it offers a ton of customization settings (except colors) and it is, according to the developer, optimized for power saving. The watchface is free, but if you want to play with the settings it’ll cost you $2,49+VAT.

Pebble Time Watchface Modern New
Modern New | Photo by Marko Frankovic

Download: Modern New – Pebble Appstore

Simple Colour & Time

As the name suggests, this is a simple Pebble watchface that shows time, date, battery status and the weather, including wind speed. The colors change every 3 hours from blue to red, green and orange.

Pebble Time Watchface Simple Colour & Time
Simple Colour & Time | Photo by Marko Frankovic

Download: Simple Colour & Time – Pebble Appstore

Weathers Time

Another watchface with customizable colors, a super clean and easy to read look, animation options and various settings for displaying the time and date.

Pebble Time Watchface Weathers Time
Weathers Time | Photo by Marko Frankovic

Download: Weathers Time – Pebble Appstore


As you can see in the image, this watchface is loaded with information. The colors are fully customizable, as well as the bottom bar, where you can set a custom text, a second timezone, 3 day weather forecast, sunrise/sunset and even a home automation status. The developer website offers a lot of information on how it works and how to use it.

Pebble Time Watchface YAWN
YAWN | Photo by Marko Frankovic

Download: YAWN – Pebble Appstore

That’s it folks for this week’s Pebble watchface picks for the Time and Time Steel. We hope we’ve picked something interesting for everyone. Let us know what you think and comment your favorite watchface below!

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