Canvas - Create your own Pebble Watchface

Canvas – Create your own Pebble Watchface

Canvas for Pebble (exclusive to Android) lets you create custom Pebble watchfaces right from your phone. The app initially came out around the times of Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel, hence it was designed replica cartier love bracelets just for black & white screens. It became somewhat less attractive with the release of the colored Pebble Time models, as it wasn’t able to make full use of the 64 different colors available. With the new Pebble 2 and, again, a monochrome screen, it’s time to try out the app once more.

Canvas - Create your own Pebble Watchface
Customization options | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

The app is really simple and easy to use. While it may take a while to get used to all the customization options available, it’s really fun once you get used to it. You can add layers for time, text, countdown, battery cartier double bracelet
status, weather, plugins, tasker etc. Along with all these re-sizable elements available, you also have the ability to move them around as you like. You can even animate (move the element across any of the four primary directions) the content with custom speeds. And all this can be backed up into a single replica cartier file that you can restore into any device you switch to in the future. There’s a few more things to talk about but we’ll let you try the app and see it for yourself.

Canvas for Pebble
Animated Watchface | GIF by Kartabya Aryal


Here are a few steps to help you get started with the Canvas app:

  1. Install and open the ‘Canvas for Pebble’ app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the menu button at the top right and select ‘Install Watchface’
  3. Choose an option out of the two available:
    Watchface: Install custom watchfaces as a watchface (I’d choose this option)
    Watch-app: Install watchfaces as an app
  4. Select ‘OK’ when it takes you to the Pebble app.
  5. Now, whenever you want to push a watchface, press cartier just a nail bracelet replica
    the corresponding arrow button.
Canvas - Create your own Pebble Watchface
Watchface selection | Photo by Kartabya Aryal

We’ve seen websites that let you make your own watchfaces. They do serve their purpose very well but Canvas is definitely a lot more convenient and advanced. It allows lot more freedom while creating the watchafaces and can actually be pushed to your phone with a single tap of a button. Let’s just hope there’ll be an update for color displays of the Pebble Time series..

The skins featured on the Pebble 2 are from GadgetWraps.

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