GadgetWraps for the Pebble 2: Skins, Watchbands and Screen Protectors

GadgetWraps Pebble 2

With all of the recent news surrounding Pebble and its future, it’s important to remember that some of us will continue to rock a Pebble every day. If you’ve just picked up a Pebble 2, we’re going to cover everything you need to make it feel uniquely yours. If you’ve checked out the site before, you’ll know that we’re big fans of the folks over at GadgetWraps. They sent us their lineup of skins, watchbands and screen protectors for the Pebble 2 so that we could check them out. 

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Review & Giveaway: GadgetWraps Skins for Pebble

Review - Gadgetwraps for Pebble

One of the things we all love about Pebble is the level of customization available. From different watchfaces and applications to custom watch bands, any of the Pebble smartwatches can be customized to fit your own personal style. In case you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t already know about them, GadgetWraps is a company that has really taken that customization to the next level. They offer a custom line of skins, screen protectors and silicone straps made specifically for Pebble watches. Here’s a review the company as well as a few of the skins available from the GadgetWraps website. Be sure to check out the giveaway info at the end of the article. Just a quick note — all of the skins featured (and way more that I couldn’t fit into the post) are available for every generation of Pebble.

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Review: dbrand Skins for Pebble Time

We’ve already presented you a choice of skins for Pebble Time. Finally, dbrand have released their own Pebble Time skins. I will honestly admit that I’ve been a big dbrand fan for quite some time now. By that I don’t only mean their great products, but also dbrand as a company, particularly the way they communicate with their customers and fans via e-mail and on social media. A purely objective review is going to be hard to do at this point, especially since I’ve never been disappointed – starting with a bunch of skins for my Nexus 5, my OnePlus One, and now on my Pebble Time. But this is for a reason and it boils down to two points: great products and outstanding support!

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Best Pebble Time Skins

Apparently Pebblers out there are going crazy for 3rd party skins. Whether it may be the gray tone of the “black” Pebble Time that’s putting many people off, or simply the thirst for customization, skins seem to be a very popular topic among the community right now. While I’ve never used a skin for a smartwatch before, I have certainly had quite some experience with skins for my beloved Nexus 5 and now my OnePlus One. I’ve always appreciated the possibility to have my phone in a complete mahogany look on one day, and in an elegant leather suit on the next. Here are the best skins for Pebble Time!

Update (14.07.2915): dbrand

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