4 Reasons the Pebble Time is the Best Smartwatch

4 Reasons the Pebble Time is the Best Smartwatch

Picking a smartwatch today can be a laborious task. There’s 20 different watches one can look at while at Best Buy alone, and the search only gets more confusing as you get caught in the weeds comparing specs. As a former member of the Android Wear team and the owner of a smartwatch watch strap company, I personally own every Pebble, Android Wear and Apple Watch – except the Apple Watch Edition, $17k is a little much for something other than a Rolex… Working with these watches everyday for the last 2 years, I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that the Pebble Time is the best smartwatch money can buy.

To prove my point, I’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons why the Pebble Time is the best.

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Pebble Time Round: An Overview

I’m new to the Pebble world. I received my Pebble Time Round in rose gold just last week, and I’m hoping to help other new owners through their first steps with their shiny new purchase. I love all things tech, but the farthest I’ve gotten into the smart watch world is a Fitbit Charge, and that doesn’t really count as a smart watch at all. I used my Fitbit faithfully for almost a year, but the boring look and the need to press a button every time I wanted to see the time wore on me after a while.

When I saw that the latest Pebble watches had a very slim profile, a great new color coming out, and it could take the place of my Fitbit by tracking my steps and sleep, I was sold. The last thing I wanted was to look like I was wearing a calculator watch circa 1992. The Time Round seemed like a genuine step toward smart watches that don’t interfere with daily life; they simply enhance it. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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How To Use Google Keep on Pebble Time

I live and die by Google services, they are essential for me to get my sh*t together in daily life and stay organized. So I was super bummed out when I learned that there’s no official Google Keep app available for Pebble Time. I guess it comes down to Google wanting to  push Android Wear and thus not providing an API for keep.

There is, however, an unofficial solution to access your Google Keep notes on Pebble Time. I’ll briefly describe what you need to install.

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Don’t Pre-Order – Here’s How You Can Buy Pebble Time right now (Price Update 05.07.2015)

In case you have missed the Kickstarter Campaign earlier this year and don’t want to pre-order Pebble Time and wait even longer: there are possibilities to buy Pebble Time right now. Seemingly, not everyone who’s pledged for Pebble Time on Kickstarter is planning to actually use it. Quite many units are popping up in online-stores across the globe.  Yep, sure – they are more expensive than the Kickstarter version, but rarely cost more than what they cost to pre-order anyway.

Update (05.07.2015): Prices on Amazon.com and Amazon.de got even a little cheaper! 

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