Best Straps for Pebble Time Round (14mm)

Best Straps for Pebble Time Round (14mm)

Straps, straps, and more straps. Let’s face it, having a variety of straps is one of the best ways to customize your Pebble and keep it looking fresh. I’ve tested out a wide variety of 14mm straps to give you some ideas about ways you can make your Pebble Time Round a unique device that will turn heads.

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Pebble Time Round: An Overview

I’m new to the Pebble world. I received my Pebble Time Round in rose gold just last week, and I’m hoping to help other new owners through their first steps with their shiny new purchase. I love all things tech, but the farthest I’ve gotten into the smart watch world is a Fitbit Charge, and that doesn’t really count as a smart watch at all. I used my Fitbit faithfully for almost a year, but the boring look and the need to press a button every time I wanted to see the time wore on me after a while.

When I saw that the latest Pebble watches had a very slim profile, a great new color coming out, and it could take the place of my Fitbit by tracking my steps and sleep, I was sold. The last thing I wanted was to look like I was wearing a calculator watch circa 1992. The Time Round seemed like a genuine step toward smart watches that don’t interfere with daily life; they simply enhance it. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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