How To Use Google Keep on Pebble Time

I live and die by Google services, they are essential for me to get my sh*t together in daily life and stay organized. So I was super bummed out when I learned that there’s no official Google Keep app available for Pebble Time. I guess it comes down to Google wanting to  push Android Wear and thus not providing an API for keep.

There is, however, an unofficial solution to access your Google Keep notes on Pebble Time. I’ll briefly describe what you need to install.

Warning: Your Android phone needs to be rooted for this!

Step 1: Install Google Keep on your phone (duh)

Probably needless to say, but you should have Google Keep installed on your Android smartphone. If you don’t have it yet, get it here.

Step 2: Install Keep for Pebble

You need to install Keep for Pebble. You can download either the “stable” Version 1.x or Beta 2.0.

Step 3: Install the companion app

You also need to install the companion app on your phone. Download it, install it and you’ll just need to open it once to get everything working.


That’s it! You’re good to see your Google Keep notes directly on your Pebble Time. I’ve set the quick-launch action for the down-button to open the Keep app, so I’ll always have those shopping lists handy when I need them. The only thing I’m missing right now is the ability to tick off check boxes. But I guess we can’t have everything.


Let us know if you enjoy tips like this and we’ll see if we can provide more of these in the future!



9 thoughts on “How To Use Google Keep on Pebble Time”

    • Yes, root access is required. I don’t know why it’s not on the Pebble Appstore – you’d have to ask the dev.

  1. I wonder if having the Android Wear app installed on your phone will enable the use of Google Keep on the Pebble time without it needing to be rooted.

  2. Cannot get this to work. No problem with the installation.
    But the content that displayed on watch is not complete. Lots of notes are lost. And I cannot open any notes by hitting the center btn on watch as well.
    Any idea how to fix this?

    I’m on android lollipop 5.0, rooted.

  3. I was very happy finding this solution. But I had to read the comments the find out that I need a rooted phone. That should be in the text, maybe at the beginning. Too bad 🙁 And the ability to tick the checkboxes of is a must have (for me).

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