Don’t Pre-Order – Here’s How You Can Buy Pebble Time right now (Price Update 05.07.2015)

In case you have missed the Kickstarter Campaign earlier this year and don’t want to pre-order Pebble Time and wait even longer: there are possibilities to buy Pebble Time right now. Seemingly, not everyone who’s pledged for Pebble Time on Kickstarter is planning to actually use it. Quite many units are popping up in online-stores across the globe.  Yep, sure – they are more expensive than the Kickstarter version, but rarely cost more than what they cost to pre-order anyway.

Update (05.07.2015): Prices on and got even a little cheaper! 

Buy Pebble Time – International (US) (

On the Internationl (US) Amazon store the Pebble Time is sold by a third party company but shipping is handled by Amazon. You can get buy Pebble Time for 234.97$ + Free Shipping. Amazon Prime customers are going to receive the Time in no time.



There are two more companies that sell brand new pieces. Click on the headline for a list of all offers or find them here.

Buy Pebble Time – United Kingdom (

The British Amazon Store has a slightly better choice of products. The watch is sold and shipped by a third party company, currently they have 9 pieces in stock. You can buy Pebble Time for £186.61 + £5.16 UK delivery.


There is also an offer for £199 + Free UK Delivery with Amazon Prime.  To see a list of all the other offers follow this link or click on the headline.

Buy Pebble Time – Germany & Austria (

Lastly all Pebblers in german speaking countries can get a Pebble Time  as well. The price starts at €260,466 + €6,01 shipping costs. Click on the headline to see a list of all offers or find them here.


We’re usually unsure with buying (expensive) tech products from unknown sellers. But in this you have all the Amazon security and the price on some items is even cheaper than the regular price minus the wait time!

In case you’re not a member of Amazon Prime to receive special offers and get free express shipping:

Amazon Prime US
Amazon Prime UK
Amazon Prime DE


We are not paid to list the links above. We wanted to find a possibility for those who missed the Kickstarter campaign to get Pebble Time without a long wait.
But, by buying through these links you will indeed support us and the development of this site. The prices for you are the same and are not affected by this. It would help us to finance our running costs, create more quality content and give back to the community of Pebblers out there.

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