Some Useful Apps for Pebble Time Round

useful apps for pebble time round

There are some “basics” in life, such as a Swiss Army knife, that you should always have on-hand if you want to be prepared for anything the day will throw at you. The following apps make up part of my Swiss Army knife essentials of my Pebble Time Round. You may only occasionally use that corkscrew (or Pebble Compass), but when you need it, you’ll be awfully glad you have it.

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Turquoise: Twitter on the Pebble Time

Download Turquoise - Pebble App Store

Being able to keep your phone tucked away in your pocket is one of the biggest advantages of having a smartwatch. With Turquoise by developer Travis La Marr, users can stay up-to-date with their Twitter account directly from their wrist on the Pebble Time or Pebble Time Round. We tested out Turquoise to see if it’s worth your time.

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Snowy, your Personal Assistant for Pebble Time

Snowy for Pebble Time

With the addition of the built-in microphone to the Pebble Time models, the Pebble app store has seen an influx of voice related applications for Pebble Time. From translators, notes and checklists to timeline integrated reminders – there are tons of applications that take advantage of the Pebble Time’s hardware. Today, we’re taking a look at Snowy, an application packed full of voice-related goodness.

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Control Your Phone with Pebble Time!

Dashboard on Pebble Time - Control your phone with Pebble TIme

Note: Works on Android only.

Have you ever been in a meeting and forgot to set your phone to silent and couldn’t really get it out of your pocket to do so? Dashboard allows you to toggle some controls on your phone without ever touching it!

The apps default settings include toggles for things like WiFi, mobile data, sync , screen lock, auto-brightness and Bluetooth. It also offers some other handy features like showing your battery percentage and carrier name along with the ability to lock your device, switch between sound profiles and ring your phone if you can’t find it anywhere.

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