Review: Pebble Health vs. Fitbit

Review: Pebble Health vs. Fitbit

Before I purchased my Pebble Time Round, I was using a Fitbit to track my steps and sleep. Other than the perpetual motion required to mother a 5-year-old and 2-year-old, I don’t exercise regularly. But I’m trying to make a conscious effort to move more and to get more sleep. I think it’s a great first step for the many people out there who want to improve their health without making huge life changes or adding gym membership fees and prepared meal costs to their budgets. The Fitbit tracked that data for me, but like I said in my previous post, it became cumbersome and wasn’t very attractive. So can Pebble Health compare to Fitbit?

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Best Games for Pebble Time (02/2016)

Best Games for Pebble Time - Mr Runner

Are you bored of sitting around all day during the weekends? What could you do to spend this free time? You could study for your exams, go outside for a while or you could just play some games on your phone or even cooler: on your watch. Here are some really fun and addicting games that we hope you’ll enjoy playing with on your Pebble Time.

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Reminders on the Pebble Time with SLATE

Reminders on the Pebble Time with SLATE_05

My usage relies heavily on Google’s calendar and voice reminders. After browsing through the Pebble app store, I found the perfect daily companion in the app SLATE. With everything that the Pebble Time has to offer, it’s nice to see an app take full advantage of the upgrades Pebble managed to fit into the smartwatch.

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Messaging on the Pebble Time (Hangouts, Yo and Awear)

Messaging on a smartwatch, specifically the Pebble Time, gets old real fast. You can’t really have a keyboard on the Pebble Time (and I really don’t want one), so composing messages on your wrist isn’t really easy…unless one of the three following requirements are fulfilled: 1) you can do it with your voice, 2) there’s only one specific word you’d like to text, 3) you can creat (not just reply!) messaged with predefined contents. I’m using different apps for each one of those scenarios, which sounds way more complicated than it actually is.

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