Is the Pebble Time Actually Worth Buying?

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At $199 for the Pebble Time, and $249 for the Pebble Time Steel, the cost of owning a Pebble Time is certainly more than what I would consider an “impulse buy”. So, is it really worth the money?

That’s what I want to discuss in this article. Does the Pebble Time really provide sufficient value for the money it costs?

It’s a Wristwatch, and So Much More

Even though you can get the current time right off of your phone, most people still choose to wear watches. It’s just a whole lot easily to glance at your wrist than to wrestle with getting your phone out of your pocket, waking it up, and reading the time from its screen.

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What Makes a Good Watch Face?

Pebble Time with Michael

DIN Time AutobahnSince the Pebble Time is above all else a watch, the watch face that appears on it is rather important. It’s what you are going to normally see whenever glancing at your watch, unless you happen to have started an app on it. Since it’s likely that you’ll be seeing more of the watch face than anything else on your Pebble Time it’s pretty important that you are able to find a one that appeals to you.

But what makes a good watch face? Actually, this is a pretty subjective question since it revolves around what’s most important about a watch to you. Is “coolness” or “trendiness” most important, or simple utility? Is pure functionality provided most important, or personal visual appeal? It all comes down to priorities, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m going to list some criteria that I think important in selecting a watch face, and I’m even going to tell you my priorities. These priorities may not match your own, so you can adjust the importance of each criteria to meet your own needs. Nevertheless, I hope to provide you with a usable framework for picking the best watch face(s) for your own Pebble Time.

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All About Pebble Time Apps

Pebble Time with Michael

App StoreWhat Are Apps?

Fundamentally, your Pebble Time is really just a very small computer that fits onto your wrist. Just like any computer it has a CPU and memory. It keeps software and data in its memory and executes the software stored there as needed.

The software running on your Pebble Time really falls into two broad catagories: systems software created by the Pebble Technology Corporation and is used to control it’s overall operation, and user installed software. This latter type software needs user action in order to be put into your Pebble Time’s memory and to execute it when desired.

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More on the Pebble Time Timeline

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I’ve talked about the Pebble Time Timeline in the past, but it’s such a key feature of the Pebble Time that I’ve decided to devote an entire article to discussing it in more detail. What I find most exciting about the Timeline is the fact that it’s still very much in its infancy and I’m sure that we are going to see even more apps in the future that will be using it in creative ways.

Accessing the Timeline

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