Let Your Pebble Time Tell You Which Way is Which – with Compass

Pebble Time with Michael – Day 20


Just the other day my wife wanted to put one of her indoor plants by a north-facing window in our house. So she asked me, “Which way is north?”. For once I was able to immediately answer her because I had the Compass app installed on my Pebble Time.

Compass is one of those very simple, single-purpose applications that seem to become invaluable once you have them readily available to you. It does just what its title implies – it serves as a magnetic compass using the Pebble Time’s built-in compass hardware.

It’s also very nicely animated with a virtual spirit level that transforms the compass shown in the accompanying picture into a heading indicator when you move the watch from a horizontal to a vertical orientation. So if you’re looking down at your wrist, you see the compass. If you raise your wrist to in front of your face the app screen transforms into a current heading indicator.

Compass is very simple and straightforward, but also very handy for a wide variety of daily activities, especially outdoor activities. I highly recommend this app for your consideration as an addition to your own Pebble Time’s application library.