One of the Best Watchface Collections for Pebble Time: Kiezel

We’ve already covered quite a few watchfaces for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, but I wanted to show you guys some more. I find myself playing around with various watchfaces every now and then, but most of the time I go back to some old favorites. Some of these favorites are part of what I think is one of the best watchface collections out there: Kiezel Watchfaces.

Kiezel offer a wide range of watchfaces, including some classic, minimal, and some modern ones. I do feel, however, that they have found their signature design language, that will often tell me that a watchface is made by Kiezel before I even see the developers name.
My personal favorites are Simply Digital 3, Text Time, and Essential. I generally tend to want some more info on my watchface, like weather and battery. But even if you’re looking for something clean or crazy, Kiezel’s got you covered. Check all their styles out in the picture gallery below.
Kiezel watchfaces are premium watchfaces that I am sure required quite some time and skill to design and develop. So, while you can get one color option of every watchface for free on the Pebble Appstore, unlocking all the color options will cost you a little. Head on over to Kiezel Watchfaces where you can either buy individual watchfaces for $1.34 or buy the whole pack for $5.99. I think that less than six bucks for a great looking collection of 25 watchfaces is a great deal, so don’t be stingy!