The Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel #1

Sorry for not being able to publish articles on a more timely basis – we’ve been super busy in our real lives. We also probably won’t be able to deliver you quality content on a regular basis like we used to, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find anything new here at all! So checking back for updates is always worth it. We’ve been enjoying the new Pebble Time Steel now for a few weeks and have been really happy with it so far. Also, since our last article on watchfaces a few great new ones have shown up. So without further ado, we give you the September edition of the best watchfaces for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel!

You might notice that the list includes some older watchfaces – that’s simply because they’re still awesome and haven’t lost their  beauty one bit. Furthermore, some older watchfaces really shine on the Pebble Time Steel, especially the ones with black ground that makes it almost seem like there’s no bezel.

DIN Time

Depending on the theme, the top icon will show you the current weather conditions while the icon below will give you the day’s summary with min and max temperature. Below that, you have the weekday, date and battery level. We’ve already mentioned DIN Time a few times, but I’ve found some new love for this great watchface with my new Pebble Time Steel. With a black background you can hardly notice the bezel and I love to have the time, date, etc., shown in pastel colors. What’s very cool about DIN Time: You can export and import settings for the themes. So in case you’re wondering, here are mine: DIN_Time_2000fa5afffff000000ffa000ffaffa00ff00fff000fff – just enter the settings for DIN Time and input this code in the text field below the color settings. Let me know your current DIN Time setup!

Download: DIN Time – Pebble Appstore

Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time - DIN Time
Photo by Max Vingerhoets


TimeStyle gives you the looks of the Timeline UI on your watchface. You can customize the position and content of the side bar and make use of plenty color options. It really blends in seamlessly when pressing those up and down buttons to access the past and future.

Download: TimeStyle – Pebble Appstore



I have to be honest: Modern has gotten lots of love as long as I can remember…and I always thought it looked stupid. But when I received my Pebble Time Steel I gave it a chance and must say…I like it, a lot! Personally, I just think the classy look the watchface is trying to accomplish goes better with the Steel edition than with the standard Pebble Time.

Download: Modern – Pebble Appstore

Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time - Modern
Photo by Max Vingerhoets

Mr. Robot 2

I’ve already mentioned that I’m a huge TV show freak. But man, I really love this show and I’m sure I’m not the only Pebbler out there who feels that way. Since most Pebblers are likely to be at least a little bit nerdy, there’s currently nothing better on TV, right (leave a comment to prove me wrong!)? Generally, I’m a big fan of making my passion for certain things a part of my daily life in a subtle way. Fans of show will recognize what this watchface is about immediately – while the rest will just have no clue and stay in the dark.

Download: Mr. Robot 2 – Pebble Appstore

Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time - Mr. Robot 2
Photo by Max Vingerhoets

Beam Up

While personally I prefer a little more information on my watchface in most cases, this one really caught me in. The font looks great and the animations that “beam the digits up” every minute are just awesome.  You can chose from various different colors and hide the date. Again, with the black background it makes the bezel dissappear and just looks very clean. Bonus: If you shake your wrist it’ll show you the current battery level.

Download: Beam Up – Pebble Appstore

Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time - Beam Up
Photo by Max Vingerhoets

Make Me Smile

When I first saw Make Me Smile, I thought this was what one of the stock Pebble Time watchfaces should have looked like. The design language matches the animations of Timeline UI so well and really reminded me of that ostrich, the message in a bottle and the paper plane! It features plenty symbols for the various weather conditions and will surprise you with a new background color every time the weather changes.

Download: Make Me Smile – Pebble Appstore

Best Watchfaces for Pebble Time - Make Me Smile
Photo by Max Vingerhoets

There you have it! The best watchfaces for Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel as of September 2015. Of course, lists like these are never exhaustive and obviously highly subjective – the more reason you should comment below and tell us which ones you think we should have included!

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