Micro USB Charging Stand for Pebble Time

Charging Stand for Pebble Time Round

The biggest drawback of the Pebble Time Round is definitely its abysmal battery life. Usually, the Pebble Time Round clocks in right around two days of use – meaning you’re charging it more frequently than any other Pebble. I wanted to find something that didn’t require me to leave a cable next to my bed to charge my watch every day since I have to juice up the PTR a little more frequently. We found the perfect solution with this cool micro-USB charging stand for the Pebble Time Round.

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Micro USB Adapter for Pebble Time Round (and also the other Pebble Times!)

The Pebble Time and especially Pebble Time Steel have an insane battery life – a whopping 5 and 9 days for most users, respectively! Unfortunately, the Pebble Time Round sacrificed that wonderful battery life for a thinner form factor. Averaging about two days battery for most of its owners, the Pebble Time Round needs juice a bit more often than it’s older (and slightly thicker) siblings. We found a neat little accessory that Pebble Time Round owners might want to check out!

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Review: Timedock Docking Station for Pebble

Timedock: A Review

If you are looking for a solid, well-built charging dock for your Pebble Time devices, the TimeDock is a definite winner. With its aluminum alloy body and solidly integrated charging port, you can be confident that your Pebble is safe and sound while quenching its thirst for battery juice.

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Smartstrap Ideas for Pebble Time

Pebble has done things differently right from the beginning when they launched the Classic model, with a beautiful e-ink display and a massive battery life of 7 days. This year they came up with major improvements like the color display, all new design, with the heart and soul of the classic version. One of the things that got me really interested was the introduction of smartstraps. What this means is that you can swap out your default strap with special ones which provide extra functionalities to your watch. So, here are few smartstraps ideas that I think would be really cool if it were to be made.

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