Pebble 2 Review

Pebble 2 Review

If you’ve been keeping up with what they’re doing over at Pebble, it’s clear this time around that they are focused on closing the gap between fitness tracker and smartwatch. The health features have always seemed like an afterthought until the recent refresh of the Pebble lineup. We are taking a look at the newly refreshed Pebble 2 and all of its baked in health-y goodness.

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GoPro Remote for Pebble Time Round and Pebble Time

GoPro Remote for Pebble Time

We recently found a really cool application worth checking out for anyone that owns a GoPro and a Pebble Time Round. GoPro has an official app for the Pebble Time, but nothing compatible with the Pebble Time Round.  New to the Pebble App Store, GoPro Remote is a must-have if you haven’t already dropped $80 on their official smart remote. After testing it out for a few days, here are our thoughts on the app.

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Micro USB Charging Stand for Pebble Time

Charging Stand for Pebble Time Round

The biggest drawback of the Pebble Time Round is definitely its abysmal battery life. Usually, the Pebble Time Round clocks in right around two days of use – meaning you’re charging it more frequently than any other Pebble. I wanted to find something that didn’t require me to leave a cable next to my bed to charge my watch every day since I have to juice up the PTR a little more frequently. We found the perfect solution with this cool micro-USB charging stand for the Pebble Time Round.

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Turquoise: Twitter on the Pebble Time

Download Turquoise - Pebble App Store

Being able to keep your phone tucked away in your pocket is one of the biggest advantages of having a smartwatch. With Turquoise by developer Travis La Marr, users can stay up-to-date with their Twitter account directly from their wrist on the Pebble Time or Pebble Time Round. We tested out Turquoise to see if it’s worth your time.

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